Brewing Coffee


Very popular way of brewing coffee – if made correctly this method can produce a great coffee and quickly.


  • Bring fresh water to the boil
  • Pre-heat the plunger pot and cups
  • Pour out the water you used to heat the pot, and place 2 tablespoons per cup of plunger ground coffee plus 2 tablespoons extra for the pot.
  • Carefully measure the pre-boiled water into the cups and then pour onto the ground beans – use 1 cup of water per person plus one for the pot.
  • Stir the coffee to break up the surface crust of the grinds
  • Place the plunger on the surface of the crust – but do not plunge just yet.
  • Allow to brew for about 2 minutes to allow the full flavours of your plunger blend ( our 3B blend is recommended for plunger) to extract.
  • Now plunge gently without force – if the plunger is difficult to push down pull it back and try again.


  • This method requires a medium grind.
  • Place filter paper in filter paper holder and place 2 tablespoons per cup in the filter paper
  • Hot water is passed over the coffee in the filter paper which extracts the coffee liquor only
  • The grounds and filter are then easily disposed off
  • Remember to stir the coffee before serving
  • Use immediately after brewing as the heat of the element will cause the coffee to taste ‘burnt’

  • True Italian style brewing method where steam and water are forced under pressure – heat – through
  • Use a purpose designed stovetop vessel
  • Unscrew the base of the vessel and fill with cold water. Replace
  • Fill the basket in the top part of the vessel with finely ground coffee
  • Place on stove and heat the whole vessel
  • When the pressure rises steam is driven through the coffee grounds into the top chamber.
  • When you hear the bubbling noise, you will know that your coffee is ready.

    The fine art of making an espresso is particular to each individual machine. A good fresh strong roast is recommended - try our Gold Award Winning Espresso Wildcat Blend. There are many critical factors in pulling the perfect espresso, but consistency is one of them. Never reheat coffee in whatever method you drink it – always make another cup from fresh. In all cases unclean equipment will spoil the flavour of your coffee. Clean all equipment straight after use.

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