Our Coffees

All our coffee is 100% Highest Grade Arabica Beans selected from the world's best growing areas: Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala and Indonesia- all available at Wildcat Coffee.

Roasting the perfect batch is an obsession and a passion.

When we changed our name to Wildcat Coffee Roastery we wanted to identity with Taranaki and to find a name that was synonymous with the region. As Taranaki is well known as the hub of the New Zealand oil industry, Wildcat was the perfect name and our blends are named after offshore drilling terms.

Wildcat wells are drilled based on a large element of hope, in a frontier area where little is known about the subsurface. In the early days of oil exploration, wildcats were common as productive areas were not yet established. Source: www.wikipedia.org

We love the challenge of roasting the perfect roast, and blending the perfect blend for each customer! We are very much a hands-on roasting company and take pride in our product — from the pre-roast inspection of green beans, through to careful small-batch roasting, and finally blending and packaging to order.


Caramalised berries and citrus are characteristic of the Ethiopian bean added to this South American blend. Perfection for espresso or plunger.


A smooth, well balanced South American blend totally suited to espresso, with notes of cocoa and spice.

Gold medal Supermarket Espresso category NZ Coffee Festival 2014
Bronze medal Espresso category NZ Coffee Awards 2014


Our multi-award-winning Espresso Coffee. A delicious brown roast yielding maximum rich caramel distinction and chocolate finish. Has the perfect balance and produces a fine espresso, the basis for all types of coffee.

Gold medal Supermarket Espresso category NZ Coffee Festival 2010
Bronze medal Supermarket Plunger category NZ Coffee Awards 2010
Bronze medal Foodservice Filter/Plunger category NZ Coffee Awards 2011


Our award winning decaf is a Swiss water treated organic decaf where only water is used in the decaffeination process. Our organic decaf uses only top quality green beans and is roasted to a medium roast.


(Formerly Colombian Dark). This is a dark roast, producing smooth but full bodied richness, and flavours coming from the area it is harvested from adding a distinct chocolate aroma. Phantom is great for the plunger, but also makes a delicious Flat White or Latte.


Lignite blend (formerly Espresso) boasts a medium roast and makes a well balanced caramelised mild espresso or latte.


Packet of 50 to fit most filter coffee makers. $4.50

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