The Perfect Grind

Ideally you will have your own grinder so that you can grind just the right amount for your usage at that time. A good quality burr grinder will give you the best results. Remember that ground coffee goes stale more quickly than whole beans.

If you don’t have a grinder we will grind it for you. So when you buy your coffee ask for it to be ground to which ever method you use.

Plunger – Medium to coarse grind. When your coffee is correctly ground for use in your plunger, the plunger should be easy to push to the bottom, if there is resistance then the coffee is too fine, but it should not be so coarse that there is absolutely no resistance either.

Filter – Medium grind. If the water sits on the surface of your filter coffee your grind is too fine.

Stovetop – fine to medium grind. If the grind is too coarse the steam will go through the grinds too quickly and produce a weaker cup of coffee.

Espresso – is a very fine grind.

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